Fyn Alexander

New Releases

 The Skinny on Love

Thirty seven year old fitness fanatic and gym owner John Moorcroft has always known he was gay, and he has always had a problem admitting it, even to himself. After a failed attempt at a relationship with Roslyn, his long time female BFF, he knows he must take a hard look at himself. The first thing John does is to try to find out what happened to his mother who disappeared when he was four years old. Roslyn recommends Sky Cook Investigations to help him. The first time John meets Sky he finds himself extremely attracted to the man’s bear-like physique and eager to please manner.

Sky Cook, thirty six years old, is sweet, mild mannered and desperately in need of a health regime. He knows he needs to lose weight but is thwarted by issues from his childhood. Sky also wants a loving, yet dominant man to direct him, so when John suggests they barter services, the perfect storm for a relationship unfolds.






Rentboy, out Nov 6th, 2012.

Dr. Edward Athertone wanted sex before this thirtieth birthday. What he did not expect was to find love with the Rentboy he hired. Now the two find themselves on a journey in which they are chased by terrorists and nearly killed.

The original short story that my book Precious Jade is based on is in Best Gay Romance 2012 by Cleis Press.

ANGEL and the ASSASSIN: SINS of the FATHER will be released January 16th 2012.

The third installment of the adventures of Kael Saunders, MI6 assassin, and the boy he loves, Angel Button, will be released January 16th 2012 by Loose Id.

Kael has always wondered why he is able to do the work he does. Why is he so ruthless, so intellingent, so serious and rigid? Could it be that he got those traits from the father he has never met. Who is Kael’s bio father and will he ever meet the man whose genes he carries.

Knightly Love  available at http://www.loose-id.com/Knightly-Love.aspx

Lord Robin Holt is a boy who needs to be made into a man, but he is hopeless at the manly arts of riding a horse and sword fighting. Sir Benedict Childerly takes Robin in hand and in the process falls in love with him.

Sanguinarian is a m/f vampyre romance set in the wilds of the Yorkshire moors. Release date September 6th 2011, by Siren Publishing.

Angel and the Assassin:Be Brave will be released on April 5th 2011 by Loose-Id.

MI6 assassin Kael Saunders was supposed to kill Angel Button after he witnessed a hit. Not only did Kael refuse to hurt Angel, but he took him home and fell in love with him. Living together now in a loving D/s relationship, Angel wants to follow in Daddy’s footsteps while Kael is determined to keep his boy out of the dangerous world of spies, guns and assassins. During an assignment Kael finds a little girl who is caught up in the ugly world of international human trafficking and determines to rescue her. When Kael goes missing Angel sets out to find his beloved Daddy and bring him home.

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