Fyn Alexander

October 9, 2016

Angel and the Assassin: now available in print through ManLoveRomance Press.

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October 3, 2016

Honey Trap

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When Scarlet and Ronin, two very beautiful individuals, approach Julian May, he cannot believe his luck. Having albinism and being somewhat shy, he doesn’t usually get attractive people approaching him. Being gay, he falls in love with Ronin, only to find out that Ronin and Scarlett are the same person and that they made a play for him as part of a honey trap.

Julian’s attraction to Ronin is immediate, and he is very flattered by Scarlett’s interest, but how does Julian find out they are one person…by the way they suck his cock. All hell breaks loose as an angry and betrayed Julian refuses to have anything more with Ronin/Scarlett. Meanwhile Julian needs to rescue an old lover who is stuck in a prison in Afghanistan and the only person willing or able to help him is Ronin. Despite Ronin’s jealously when he sees Julian and his former boyfriend together, he does not give up on trying to win Julian’s heart. Little does he know, he already has it.



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