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December 18, 2017

The Law of Love, December 26 2017

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In 1920s England, the penalty for a homosexual act is two years’ hard labor. Two men cannot kiss or hold hands without being blackmailed or threatened with arrest. Rafe Devonish, a landowner and a highly respected barrister, knows the law all too well––and the dangers of being homosexual. With constant pressure from both his mother and his profession to get married, he knows he has to act soon. But then he meets Ivo Manning, young and full of enthusiasm for life. Rafe not only wants to kiss Ivo and hold his hand, he wants to take him to his bed and make love to him. Very quickly he knows that Ivo wanted the same.

With far less to lose than Rafe, Ivo is not afraid to show his love, and what Rafe wants more than anything is to marry Ivo, but that’s impossible. The thing about Ivo, aside from being kind, warm-hearted and desperate for love, is his great intuition. It is this trait that allows him to help Rafe with both an important court case and a personal matter involving a tenant on his land.

As the two men spend more time together, their love grows and their intimacy, which in the beginning frightened Rafe, becomes the cornerstone of his life.

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April 27, 2017

Angel and the Assassin: Be brave is now available in paperback through ManlovePress. https://www.mlrbooks.com/ShowBook.php?book=FAANGEL2

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October 9, 2016

Angel and the Assassin: now available in print through ManLoveRomance Press.

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October 3, 2016

Honey Trap

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When Scarlet and Ronin, two very beautiful individuals, approach Julian May, he cannot believe his luck. Having albinism and being somewhat shy, he doesn’t usually get attractive people approaching him. Being gay, he falls in love with Ronin, only to find out that Ronin and Scarlett are the same person and that they made a play for him as part of a honey trap.

Julian’s attraction to Ronin is immediate, and he is very flattered by Scarlett’s interest, but how does Julian find out they are one person…by the way they suck his cock. All hell breaks loose as an angry and betrayed Julian refuses to have anything more with Ronin/Scarlett. Meanwhile Julian needs to rescue an old lover who is stuck in a prison in Afghanistan and the only person willing or able to help him is Ronin. Despite Ronin’s jealously when he sees Julian and his former boyfriend together, he does not give up on trying to win Julian’s heart. Little does he know, he already has it.



April 5, 2016

Man-dogs of Arriden

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July 21, 2015

Angel and the Assassin: Reckoning

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FA_AA4_Reckoning_coverin (2)Kael Saunders, MI6 specialist operative and leather Daddy, has been living with Angel Button, his sub, for two years in a loving D/s relationship. Angel has been waiting for the time when he too can join MI6, knowing that his sniper skills make him a valuable asset to the organization. Kael loves to kill, it gives him an adrenalin rush, but Angel is certain his Daddy only eliminates those who pose a threat to national security, which is what Angel wants to do. Naive and idealistic, Angel wants to make the world a better place. Angel’s beliefs are sorely tested a few days later, leaving him unsure if he wants to be an MI6 agent after all. When Kael is given an assignment in Cornwall, he takes Angel with him so they can have a weekend away. Angel finds out about the mission and the target and is left wondering if his Daddy is really the hero Angel thinks he is, placing their relationship in jeopardy.    

Publication date, September 29th, 2015

August 5, 2014

Winter Hearts will be released November 11th 2014

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Winter Hearts is an AllRomance Ebooks Bestseller.https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-winterhearts-1674394-145.html



WinterHeartsFinal bigLuke Chandler says he wants nothing more than a quiet life on his land-claim in Dakota Territory. But what he also wants is a partner. The problem is, loving other men in 1881 means a lonely life for a man like Luke. As the son of a butcher from Boston, his desire for a loving domestic relationship seems nothing more than a dream, until one winter night, a snow storm blows a young man to his door in need of shelter, and as the winter drags on, bringing with it a slow burning love, his hopes begin to soar. Along with those hopes, his fears of the reactions of the people in the small town of De Smet grow. Sam Smith is a romantic, but he also holds a strong family loyalty. He leaves Boston to get away from his parents’ expectations for a while, always knowing he must return at some point. The sweet young man does not anticipate meeting a rugged, honest man like Luke, who is desperate for love while at the same time afraid of the repercussions. The first time Luke holds him in his arms, Sam plans on making Luke his darling man.

January 4, 2014

The Skinny on Love

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The Skinny on Love will be out April 22nd 2014

Thirty seven year old fitness fanatic and gym owner John Moorcroft has always known he was gay, and he has always had a problem admitting it, even to himself. After a failed attempt at a relationship with Roslyn, his long time female BFF, he knows he must take a hard look at himself. The first thing John does is to try to find out what happened to his mother who disappeared when he was four years old. Roslyn recommends Sky Cook Investigations to help him. The first time John meets Sky he finds himself extremely attracted to the man’s bear-like physique and eager to please manner. Sky Cook, thirty six years old, is sweet, mild mannered and desperately in need of a health regime. He knows he needs to lose weight but is thwarted by issues from his childhood. Sky also wants a loving, yet dominant man to direct him, so when John suggests they barter services, the perfect storm for a relationship unfolds.

July 24, 2012

“Rentboy.” Release date Nov 6th 2012

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Knowing he is gay, but nerdy and extremely shy, scientist Dr. Edward Atherton, is out looking for his first sexual encounter in order to avoid being a 30 year old virgin, and because he desperately wants sex with a man. With his birthday fast approaching he goes in search of a prostitute. The young Goth he meets in a back alley in Soho, London, was not exactly what he had in mind, but he soon finds himself in bed with Fox Baillie having the sexiest time of his life. When he wakes up to find Fox gone and with him Edward’s computer he feels embarrassed and used, but still he cannot get the skinny, pale young man with the black hair and eye makeup out of his mind. He finds Fox once again in the alley and is treated to a hand job up against the grimy wall.

The last thing Fox expected when he was ordered by his ex-military father to seduce Dr. Atherton and steal the man’s computer with its valuable information was that he would actually find the dude sexy and enjoy the encounter. Ignoring the danger from his brutal father he continues to seek out Eddie to continue what they started.

November 27, 2011

Angel and the Assassin:Sins of the Father

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The third installment of the adventures of Kael Saunders, MI6 assassin, and the boy he loves, Angel Button, will be released January 16th 2012.

Kael has always wondered why he is able to do the work he does. Why is he so ruthless, so intellingent, so serious and rigid? Could it be that he got those traits from the father he has never met. Who is Kael’s bio father and will he ever meet the man whose genes he carries.

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